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Which is Best Dress for Jhijhiya Dance Competition to Win ?

Mithila Cultural Dress or Traditional Jhijhiya Shari and Many More.

What is the best duration of video for Jhijhiya Dance Competition ?

The ideal length for a Jhijhiya video is 2 minutes. Generally, videos between 2 minutes to 3 minutes perform well on the Competition.

Which is The Best Song for Jhijhiya Online Competition ?

Traditional or Folk Maithili Language Jhijhiya Song. You Can download from maithili.com.np

Where Jhijhiya Songs Download for Jhijhiya Competition ?

Go to Music Maithili or maithili.com.np Search Jhijhiya Play and Download it. please choose original songs.

How to Contact I Love Mithila Team ?

Please Contact WhatsApp +9779810488342 or do Live Chat here. email – [email protected]

What is Minimum Of Maximum Age of Jhijhiya Dance Competition ?

Minimum Age of Dancer is 10 Year, Maximum is 28 Years Women.